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Walk Up Waiver – Solve your Waiver paperwork dilemma!

Help Sign above Piles of Paper
Patron Electronic Signature

Completely eliminate paper forms!  

  • Do you need your patrons to sign a waiver prior to beginning a rental?
  • With the Fee Machine tablet, you have each patron provide their Name, Age, Phone #, email, and Electronic signature on your custom waiver right on the tablet itself.   
  • You can upload your custom waiver form (in word format) for each item you rent – Axe Throwing, Mechanical Bull, Jet Skis, whatever!
  • Patrons fill in the information on the self guided form using the Fee Machine tablet themselves – eliminating the need for your Hostess to copy any information.
  • Minimum Age check option
  • Fee Machine emails the signed document to each patron
  • With Fee Machine, patron waiver management becomes straightforward for your staff to manage, integrated into the process of starting each rental!
  • Elevate your operation’s Axe Throwing / Bucking Bronco / Jet Ski experience to a new level with Fee Machine.  Contact us today!

Ready for Player to Sign Waiver Popup
Filled out Player Waiver Form
Signed Consent Wavier Email
Fee Machine Cloud Waiver Portal

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