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Calculating Fees in Fee Machine

Fee Machine - Fee Calculation & Rental Management Tools

Different ways you can calculate Time Based Fees using Fee Machine.

Fee Machine provides a highly configurable and flexible fee calculation engine which allows you to create any rate structure you wish!

Rates for Every Rental Item Type

  • With Fee Machine, you have the option to create different rates structures for each rental item type (pool tables, darts, etc.).   

Rates for Leagues & Special Events

  • You can create multiple Rate Groups , such as Pool, Pool League, Pool Party.   Each of these can have their own rate structures.

Count Up vs Count Down Timers

With Fee Machine, you can calculate Fees using two different Timer Types – Count Up Timers and Count Down Timers.

Count Up Timers (Pay at End)

  1. With a Count Up Timer, fees are calculated and paid for at the end of each rental, with fees calculated down to the minute of each use. For example, if the Rate is $10/hr and the Rental runs 63 minutes, then the fee is $10.50.   You can always check the current total fee of each Rental on the Fee Machine tablet.    
    • With Count Up Timers, you can setup:
      • Rates based on Time of Day and Day of Week, for example:
        • Weekday Rate – such as $5/hr, M-F 10AM-4PM
        • Happy Hour Rate, like $7/hr, M-F 4PM – 6PM
        • Weeknight Late, like $10/hr, M-TH 6PM to 2AM
        • Weekend Day, such as $6/hr, Sat – Sun 10AM 6PM
        • Weekend Night: $15/hr, Friday – Sunday – 6PM – 9PM
        • Weekend Late night, $20/hr, Friday – Sunday 9PM – 3AM
      • You can set Different Rates by # of Players, for example:
        • 1 or 2 Players, $10/hr
        • 3rd Player is $8/hr
        • 4th Player is $5/hr
      • Split Fees by Player option

          • At the end of the rental, fees can be split by player.  With split player fees enabled, if a player transfers from table to table, their fees follow them!  So at the end of a rental, that player is charged the right amount for all their play time.
      • Fee Rounding

        • Fee Rounding is a configurable feature, so that player or rental fees can be rounded to the nearest quarter, dime, dollar, etc.
      • Grace Period

        • A “Grace Period” can be configured for Fee Calculation, say to give the patrons 2 minutes to get to their table before fees are generated

Countdown Timers (Pay up Front)

  • With Countdown Timers, you can define a fixed rental time and calculate the fee upfront so players can pay in advance if desired.
      • As with Countdown timers, you can specify any rate structure you want.   You can have fixed rates that vary by time of day, day of week, and # of players, the same as Count Up Timers.  
      • With Countdown Timers, the Fee Machine tablet shows you how much time is remaining and when the rental is going to end.
    • Rental Ending & Rental Ended Alerts

        • You can configure Fee Machine Tablet to alert you when:
          • a Rental is nearing it’s end (say 5 minutes remaining)
            • The Fee Machine tablet shows Ending Rentals with a Yellow border
          • the Rental has Ended or Expired
            • The Fee Machine table shows Ended / Expired Rentals with a Red Flashing Border
        • Turn lights On and Off!

          • With Fee Machine’s WIFI Light Control option, you can turn lights On at the beginning of each rental, then:
            • When the Rental is nearing it’s end, you can change the Light Color, reminder the players the rental is nearing it’s end
            • When the Rental is Ended / Expired, you can change or flash the Light Color, telling the Players the rental has ended

Change Rates on the fly! 

  • With Fee Machine, it’s very easy to update your rates.   With Fee Machine’s cloud based Admin Portal, you can easily change rates from anywhere with internet access, then update your Fee Machine tablet with a single button push!

Test your fees before you deploy them

  • Fee Machine’s cloud based Admin Portal, you can test all your Fees prior to deploying them to the Fee Machine tablet, so you can verify that Fees work exactly the way you want in every situation.

Elevate your operation’s bar billiards/darts/shuffleboard experience to a new level with Fee Machine.  Contact us today!


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